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All you need to know when buying rose bushes

We stand behind the quality of our roses. We are experienced in growing, harvesting, storing and delivering the rose bushes. The rose bushes we are offering are of the highest quality (A quality), according to the German standards. You have the possibility to choose between bare root roses and potted roses. Together with our top quality roses, you also purchase our expertise in growing rose bushes. We offer expert advice whenever you need to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Bare Root A Quality Roses
All bare root rose bushes are 2+ years old and are grafted on vigorous brier bushes, that have strong root system. The rose bushes we are selling do not have diseases. To obtain this, our plants are preventively treated against disease and pests minimum 8 times a year. Each rose bush has at least 3 branches and at least 2 branches for the climbers and each branch is thick of at least 8 mm.

They are grown in the open field at at least 15 cm distance. This gives the roots enough space to develop well. If we packed our roses with sawdust or peat at the root, then packaging would look like a 2-liter bottle. Read More